Hanaside News Article, Fall 2019: The Vision of Ke Ao Hali’i

Ke Ao Hāli'iLands, Updates

Hana coastal lands and ocean are protected and full of life that provides for our ‘ohana. Kanaka Maoli and the community work together to manage the ‘āina. Our kupuna ‘iwi are at peace and our culture is alive and passed to future generations. This is the vision of Ke Ao Hali’i.

KAH is continuing to work with the state/county agencies to obtain approved funds for Mokae (Kolaiki) and Maka’alae (Waioka) while negotiating the purchase contract with Hana Ranch Partners for these two parcels. KAH is also preparing to meet with the State DLNR Commission to request 2020 funds to purchase the remainder of Maka’alae (Pine Trees to Kapia), and 2021 funds for Mokae (Kapia to Kolaiki). Ke Ao Hali’i will hold title to the land and act as stewards. There will be a conservation easement placed on the deeds that will prevent any development, forever.

We are currently developing a Management Plan which includes details for land and resource conservation/management, cultural/historical site preservation, educational objectives, access/use management, a code of conduct, etc.

During this process, meetings with Kanaka Maoli and the community will be held to get more feedback. There is much work to be done and now is the time to get involved. Public meetings are held every other Thursday, details regularly updated on our Ke Ao Hali’i Facebook page. For more information or to make a donation, please visit our website: www.savehanacoast.org